Premier "bulletin" pour Chloé..

Je partage mes extraits favoris (avec ma traduction ..). Comme à Sngapour, tout est présenté super positivement.

Bon, de vous à moi, je suis hyper méga top fièrede Chloé mais je reste quand même lucide . Chloé a 2 ans et l'école est payante!!!





Social skills – Chloe is very social. She makes friends easily.

Always eager to participate in-group activities, she enjoys challenges.

She strives to a leading position during such activities. Chloe is an active girl, not afraid of anything, eager to experiment. She is still in the process of learning to be more careful and fair.

Comprendre que Chloé est encore un peu brutale dans son approche…

Leadership, un joli mot pour décrire le caractère bien  trempé de notre choupette..


Independence– She is the most independent of all the children.

Chloe is capable to initiate her own activities. She works as long as she completes her task. That special sense of independence often places her in leadership positions.

Elle me rappelle quelqu’un… Maman dirait : « les chiens ne font pas des chats ».


Helpfulness – Chloe is eager to help when being asked. She feels a sense of pride at that time. She is capable of being truly helpful.

However, she does not have many opportunities to exercise the helpfulness since she is a very busy girl, always-engaged in one or another project.

Pas gagné encore donc..


Concentration – Able to deeply concentrate Chloe is capable of handling great tasks. She likes challenges and through concentration she achieves successes. When Chloe is working she does not notice the world around; the class does not exist. With that ability she displays a great academic potential.

Le monde pourrait s’écrouler autour d’elle.. Comme PG, Comme moi…


Language skills – Chloe understands the English language very well. She is responding to stories and conversations in the correct manner. We also observe a progress in her verbal skills. She is trying to communicate verbally more often in the last month. She loves to sing our songs, especially a recently introduced the A,B,C…song.

Ses progrès en langage sont effectivement remarquables. Comme PG, l’école est vraiment de lé déclencheur de leur envie de communiquer via la parole.


Mathematical orientation – Basic numbers and geometrical shapes are part of Chloe’s current education. She works with them daily producing more complex shapes and comparing them with real life objects. She also likes to sing the numbers from 1 to 10. Her engagement in learning is absolutely admirable.

Un pincée de Nico, un pincée de moi, ..  A priori génétiquement parlant elle devrait aimer les maths..